The Dancing Sun: Journeys to the Miracle Shrines

  • England, 2015 (Thistle); England, 1993, Macmillan: 1993, Fount (Harper Collins) paperback
  • Translations: 1994, Japanese (Tosho Shuppan): 2001, Polish (Palabra)


Seeking reassurance for his waning belief, Seward resolved to visit the seven European shrines where the Virgin had materialised during the twentieth century, beginning with Medjugorje. He hated it on sight but, next morning, was overwhelmed by a powerful sense of peace. His journeys – and this extraordinary spiritual travel book – end at the shrine of Fatima in Portugal, scene of the earliest manifestation, where that the ‘third secret’ was given to three peasant children in 1917.

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Reviews of: The Dancing Sun: Journeys to the Miracle Shrines

  • a travelogue-cum-autobiography which is both tender and honest. Whether you believe him is irrelevant to the pleasure his book will give.

    Daily Telegraph
  • Seward’s style is an attractive mixture of reportage and travel writing. If he convinces, it is by the velvet elegance of his prose and by his evident sincerity.

    Literary Review
  • what a good book this makes; one of the best published in 1993 in my opinion. It is honest, well-informed. It is honest, well-informed and beautifully written.

    Evening Standard