The last white rose: the secret wars of the tudors

US 2014 (Pegasus); England, 2010 (Constable); 2011 (Constable paperback); 2012 (Constable e-book)
USA, 2014 (Pegasus)
Translation: Chinese, 2016 (Commercial Press)
The Wars of the Roses did not end, as many had hoped, at the Battle of Bosworth. The struggle between the Tudors and the Yorkists of the White Rose went on, with pretenders and plots, until well into the next century. In this brand new interpretation Desmond Seward retells the story of the self-made Tudor dynasty’s establishment. The Last White Rose shows that, far than being victorious in 1485 the Tudors were thoroughly insecure on their throne, and offers a new insight into why Henry VIII became a tyrant, obsessed with real or imagined foes.

‘Seward’s long awaited sequel to his critically acclaimed 1995 history of late medieval England, The Wars of the Roses, is an intriguing addition to the growing body of revisionist Tudor history … Seward delivers a scholarly yet engaging account of an era that continues to fascinate.’
Publishers Weekly (New York)

‘Seward shines a revealing light across the landscape of Tudor politics.’
Helen Castor, Times Literary Supplement

‘An entertaining and valuable exploration of the early Tudor period.’
Peter Marshall, Literary Review

‘A thoroughly enjoyable addition to any Tudor library.’
Leanda de Lisle, History Today

‘The Last White Rose is history as it should be written, without hindsight or embellishment, but with erudition and a sense of immediacy that makes it a gripping read.’
Jessie Childs, author of Henry VIII’s Last Victim