Old Puglia: A Portrait of South Eastern Italy

(with Susan Mountgarret)
England, 2009 (Haus): 2012 (Haus, Armchair Traveller, as Old Apulia)
Apulia (or Puglia), the heel stretching down from the spur of the Italian boot, has lovely landscapes, wonderful cities with Romanesque cathedrals, Gothic castles and a wealth of Baroque architecture. And yet, if far from inaccessible, until quite recently it was seldom visited by tourists. Today, however, Apulia is becoming fashionable, an ‘Alternative to Tuscany’. There are radio and television features on it, travel supplements describing its beaches and cooking, and supermarkets stock Apulian wine, oil, bread and pasta. Yet almost http://www.cheapambienpriceonline.com nothing about the region has been published in English since the days of Norman Douglas and the Sitwells. One can find ‘holiday histories’ of Tuscany, but there is no popular introduction to Apulian history, not even in Italian. This book has been written to fill the gap by providing a simple, readable study.

‘ A wonderfully informative book … packed with many fascinating and enjoyable anecdotes normally left out of other histories … well written, very entertaining and filled with a wealth of information.’
Giovanni di Napoli, Magna Grece