Byzantium: A Journey and a Guide

England, 1988 (Harrap)From Constantinople the Byzantine Empire ruled Greece, Asia Minor, the Balkans and Italy. Giving themselves 50 days, Desmond Seward and Susan Mountgarret set out to find its art and architecture. From Venice (once Byzantium’s outpost and rival), they went to Ravenna, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Thessalonica, Constantinople itself, the island of Chios, Athens, Epirus and the Peloponnese, exploring an empire as colourful as in any in history. They make churches, frescoes and mosaics come alive, with stories of Emperors and Empresses, of Despots and Patriarchs. ‘Byzantium has vanished, like Atlantis’, they were told. Yet while Byzantium does not exist in museums or galleries, it can still be seen in the beautiful landscapes that border the Eastern Mediterranean.

‘a pleasing ‘popular’ view of the Byzantine world, from the standpoint of the thinking, discerning tourist …. A stimulating guide to the enduring fascination and beauty of the Byzantine world, with much sound sense.’
The Greek Gazette

‘an absorbing detection story of a dead world, enlivened by the curiosity of true travellers talking to people and enjoying places … Learned history mixes easily with travel.’
Yorkshire Post